Richmond Foundation Malta

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Richmond Foundation endeavours to provide optimal community mental health services that promote mental wellbeing, address the prevention of mental health problems and provide support for good quality of life

In order to achieve its mission, Richmond Foundation aims to:

> Provide residential and day, community-based rehabilitation facilities;

> Provide opportunities for housing with support;

> Assist persons with mental health difficulties to remain in the community and to live as full a life as possible;

> Provide opportunities for training, employment and support at the work-place;

> Provide services that will prevent mental health problems in the work-place from developing;

> Promote the development of self-help in the field of mental health;

> Assist in the promotion of good mental health within the general public/population;

> Promote positive public awareness of mental health issues;

> Provide training to staff within the organisation and also assist in the training of other professionals from other agencies in the mental health and other caring fields;

> Offer psycho-social support for children with challenging behaviour, within a residential setting;

> Offer education and assistance in Information Technology that increases the employability and enhances personal development.