Dar Sagra Familja, Zabbar

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Children’s Homes - Dar Sagra Familja, Zabbar


The Children’s Homes run by the Church provide shelter to children who unfortunately cannot live with their natural families.  Apart from providing shelter and other basic needs, the homes seek to help children deal with their past traumas and even provide psychological and therapeutic help. 


The Church is continuously investing in the care of these children by:

(i) engaging professionals to provide the required services;

(ii)  investing in the restructuring of the properties so as to create an environment where children live in small family-like units; and

(iii) providing amenities and services which have become an absolute necessity such as airconditioning units; computers; etc.


The purpose of this is to help children live a normal life as much as possible, without feeling much different from their friends who live with their natural families.